Your Digital Hub

Maximise yield and reduce energy usage through automated monitoring and control system. We are an open platform, and integrate with many equipment providers. Ask your supplier if they are using Quickbird yet.



Piece of mind

We’ve given system smarts to do little things, so you can use your mind for more important stuff, for more important things. We’ll calculate GDDs, estimate yields and detect problems. Have an idea? Let us know on Twitter!

Peace of mind

Staff fell asleep, a pipe has burst and the sharks have escaped? Alerts are here to save you! We’ll detect the problem and text, call or haunt the staff responsible until the problem is fixed!

Open Platform

Our apps can be installed in on any modern computer, from a gorgeous wall-mounted screen to a Raspberry Pi. We support wired and wireless equipment from several partners. Get in touch if you want a recommendation.

Happy offline

We are the only IoT platform in the world designed to work completely offline.

Borrow eyeballs

Something not quite right? Invite friends or agronomists to take a look at your greenhouse from the comfort of their home.

Written in stone

You can’t prevent everything, you want your records safe so that you can diagnose problems. Once your data is synced, there is no way to loose it.

Nice like that

Universal Compatibility

QuickLink acts as a central hub that orchestrates the show. All the equipment connects to QuickLink, it will save your data regardless of whether you have an internet connection, and allow you to command the entire greenhouse from your smartphone or computer. We made sure QuickLink is compatiable with a lot of different equipment.

come together

Partner Program

If you are an equipment vendor, developer, or even just a hacker, we’ve made it easy to integrate with our platform. Once you are connected, your customers can enjoy all the above benefits through our suite of mobile and web application.

We know equipment comes in all sizes, from palm-sized sensors to multi-tonne machines. to accommodate this diversity, we provide four ways to connect to the system: Ethernet , Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and LoRaWan.

You don’t have to worry about:

  • Encryption. Data is automatically encrypted by QuickLink before being sent over the internet to our secure servers.
  • Storing data if the internet is down. QuickLink will store data from your sensors and make sure it is uploaded at first opportunity. Meanwhile, the user will be able to access the data locally.
  • Device management They can use a phone, a computer or the web-app, to your equipment the API call will look just the same.

We have hardware developers on the team, and can assist you with integrating your equipment with QuickLink. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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